Introducing the DOVU.Earth Ecosystem Mar 26, 2020

How we transport ourselves around the planet, whether it’s just to work or on a trip across the globe, has a significant impact on our environment. This is why DOVU was set up with the goal of being an influencer in carbon positive mobility decisions. Now it has made it even easier to have a positive impact on the environment with the introduction of the DOVU.Earth ecosystem. It doesn’t matter where you are or how you’re moving around.

What is DOVU.Earth?

Whether you want to acquire carbon offsets with money or cryptocurrency DOVU.Earth makes it easy to find the way of having a positive impact on the environment that’s right for you. At the heart of DOVU.Earth is the HUB and its Spokes.

The HUB brings together all the ways you can make a difference whether it’s by purchasing carbon offsets, or getting inspired to reduce your carbon footprint by reading our HUB stories (like this one).

Currently there are two spokes. For individuals and businesses there’s the Carbon Offsetting Spoke where you can choose to purchase carbon offsets from one of our carefully selected projects. These can be purchased using either a monthly subscription or DOV tokens.

For Cryptopreneurs the Cryptocurrency Spoke is where they can import, export, earn and send DOV tokens to friends. They can then choose which projects to use them on in the Carbon Offsetting Spoke.

Each of our Spokes is a carefully curated showcase of how you can reduce the impact of transport decisions you make and have a positive impact on the environment. In each one you will find projects that you can select to offset your carbon footprint, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Over the coming months more spokes will be added allowing users to earn tokens by making sustainable transport choices, and use their tokens to make eco-friendly brand purchases.

Who is it for?

DOVU’s new ecosystem is for EVERYONE - it’s the place you go to if you’re an individual who wants to offset their, or their family’s carbon footprint, or want to use cryptocurrency to have a positive impact on the planet. It’s the place you go to if you want to do your bit, or be an early adopter of a new cryptocurrency.

DOVU is also developing an offering for businesses. If you’re interested in using DOVU to offset your company’s carbon footprint get in touch with us so we can curate a proposition for you to offset carbon.

The HUB makes saving the planet simple, and if that wasn’t good enough you can also earn rewards by doing it. Once the Product Spoke has been launched you’ll be able to use your DOV tokens to claim rewards from our carefully selected partners.

DOVU wants to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use DOV to make contributions in their local currency to remove their carbon footprint, and incentivise them to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

How to get started

If you’re new to DOVU you can sign up now and checkout our HUB to start having a hassle-free positive impact on the environment. Visit the Carbon Offset Spoke if you want to subscribe to a monthly plan to offset your carbon footprint, or the Cryptocurrency Spoke to start importing DOV tokens.