An open invitation to DOVU developer champions 🎉

Oct 09, 2020

Today we are opening our bounty program. We are actively seeking developers that want to become pillars of the legacy of DOVU and gain influence within our open source community.

This is the perfect call to action for those that want to break in to the software development industry but are struggling to find interesting work due to a lack of commercial experience or the side effects of COVID-19.

This is what we will provide:

  1. At least 1 million DOV token grant per project, at first. 💰
  2. Spec'd out projects, with examples of open source code bases to work from. 🤩
  3. Direct mentorship from our CTO for pull requests, advice and one-on-one discussions with any questions you have. 🤗
  4. Blog and social media outreach to let all of our followers of your ongoing progress.  🚀
  5. Priority access to our Champion Insider mailing list to get first dibs on the freshest bounties we have on offer. 😁
  6. Ongoing opportunities to connect you with startups and businesses in our network that are looking for developers. 😉

If at anytime you get a rush of inspiration and wish to create a private product we invite to apply to our sister token grant program focusing on teams augmenting their products with DOVU technology.

Find our more about all of our current open source bounty opportunities.

These are our current projects fresh off the bounty press.

Soon, we will be further exploring decentralised technologies within the ethereum DeFi space. We will open up bounties for many of these items.

With that said, the ball is in your court. Click the button below to begin.

Thank you.

Matt Smithies

Chief Technology Officer at DOVU.