DOVU Liquidity Mining launches on Uniswap

Sep 30, 2020

Today, we announced the launch of our liquidity mining program. This program will run from the 1st October until the 31st October. We will incentivise participation by making 10,000,000 DOV tokens available as a reward for token holders providing liquidity in the Uniswap V2 exchange.

If you are new to Uniswap Liquidity Pools please read this:

Reducing the risk by increasing Rewards


At the end of the 31-day program, DOVU will reward liquidity providers with DOV tokens based on the decrease of their DOV balance in the liquidity pool. If the total balance decrease in the pool is less than 10,000,000 tokens, DOVU will reward one DOV token for each token “lost”. If the total pool balance decrease is greater than 2,000,000, then the reward tokens will be allocated proportionally.

Liquidity providers can enter the pool at any time, but must be active at the end of the 31-day period to qualify for the extra DOV rewards. Participants must commit an equal value of DOV and ETH into the pool, and this can be withdrawn at any time after the end of the incentive period.

Every Uniswap Pool has its own swap fee, which is distributed equally to the pool’s liquidity providers. The 10,000,000 DOV tokens are an extra incentive that also eliminates the “impermanent loss” risk sometimes associated with liquidity pools.

So when participants provide liquidity in the DOV/ETH pool, they are not only earning a percentage of Uniswap’s trading fees, but they are also earning DOV tokens.

The more liquidity you provide, and the longer you are in the pool, the higher your rewards.

...and you can still apply for a DOVU grant

Our eyes will be on the hunt for teams that want to build projects that help the environment and offset carbon.

We've had an incredible amount of applications over the last week and we feel so grateful that our community is so passionate, click through to apply for our DOVU token grant.